Do you feel like you have tried everything?

You have restricted your food and dropped your calories so low you were practically starving but the weight still didn’t budge.

You’re sick of spending hours exercising every week and not seeing your body change.

You have tried bootcamps, circuits, HIIT, group classes, home workouts and nothing gave you the toned body you wanted.

You know you need to drop body fat, but you are scared to try yet another program. You don’t want to follow another restricted diet that doesn’t allow for living, and haven’t got the time to work out 2 hours per day.


Most women spend hours per week working out and drop their calories so low that their metabolism slows down. This primes the body for fat regain, which happens every time because these restrictive plans cannot be sustained.

Preventing this metabolic damage is at the forefront of our mind when breaking you out of this Yo Yo cycle, which is why we focus on particular macronutrients and certain types of training to stop this metabolic slowdown and prevent the excessive increases in cortisol.


Training PLAN

Fat loss, muscle building and core workouts in a science backed, simple plan to transform your body.

Nutrition GUIDE

No more Yo-yo dieting or starving yourself. Feel like you are eating more while you strip fat and tone up.

Health coaching

Private members content and 24/7 support from industry leading experts. Our coaches are Masters degree educated with 10+ years coaching experience.

How to get results

We have helped hundreds of women see the best results of their life by teaching them how to:

Drop fat without starving

Learn how and when to eat to maximise fat loss and balance key hormones

Learn the science of developing a toned body with resistance training, in the gym or at home

How too much cardio KILLS your fat loss, and the right type supercharges it!

How to develop the lifestyle habits that will make you never need another diet or training program again

How do we do this?

We drive down chronic inflammation and cortisol which allows your body to heal and takes the breaks off your metabolism.

We focus on BIG meals that are LOW in calories.

We teach you which macronutrients are the most important and why.

You’ll learn the 3 most important things with your workouts to actually change your physique.

We take the guesswork out by giving you a simple, structured plan to suit your lifestyle.

Google Reviews

Satisfied Customers

Micaela jonesMicaela jones
22:30 30 May 24
Very effective, yet simple and easy program to implement into my life.The simplicity allowed me to focused on my workouts and macros, which ensured results and created positive habits in my life.The tracking of macros showed my lack of energy and fatigue was due to insufficient and mistimed carb consumption.Small tweaks were made with Nigel along the way, which helped me achieve my goals.I loved the program and plan so much I am keeping as my new routine going forward!
Cherise MatthewsCherise Matthews
02:43 15 Apr 24
I would highly recommend Nigel‘s program. He has a wealth of knowledge and for me the fact that he also has the education and experience to provide this kind of program was the main reason I signed on. I struggled with chronic fatigue from a totally burnt out nervous system and consequent difficulty losing weight l. The program looks at all of these things and I feel so much better now. I have lost 7 kg and 12 weeks and I’m going to keep going. Thank you Nigel for all your assistance. You have been so helpful!
Sheena's Hair DesignSheena's Hair Design
12:53 19 Feb 24
Nigel reeeally knows his stuff! I leaned Soo much in my one round with him. Nutrition plan was relatively simple to follow even for a chocoholic like me! I managed to loose 9 KG's in 3 months (yay!) And his regime actually helped me recover almost completely from a crazy foot injury (I smashed every bone in my right foot to smithereens) to be rollerskating like I was pre-injury. If I could give 10 stars out of 5, I would. HIGHLY Recommend if you want to change your relationship with food, are recovering from injury, wanna lose weight and just tone up all round. Cheers Nigel, you're the man 😁👌
Jai CatriosJai Catrios
02:59 16 Jan 24
Nigel has been incredible and I can’t recommend him enough.I had no idea where to start, what to do and I didn’t know my way around the gym floor but this has all changed since I started seeing Nigel a few months ago. I now feel confident and comfortable with working out on my own.Nigel is a subject matter expert in his field, he takes the time to explain every step and the science behind it. He genuinely cares and invests the time in you, through constant communication and contact. I’m 12 weeks in and my body has changed in such a short period, I’ve lost 8 kgs and 10cms around my waist, all whilst building muscle and toning my body.Thank you Nigel, you’re amazing and I’ll forever be grateful! I couldn’t have done it without all your support and guidance.
23:26 18 Dec 23
This is the first online program that has been 100% personalised to my needs and lifestyle, both with nutrition and training. It is the first time in my 10 years of training that I have been able to build muscle this quickly with less training sessions. My training plan is changed every 4 weeks which I love as I don't get bored with it but also gain more experience with different exercises and machines in the gym, building confidence at the same time. The weekly videos and questions answered in our members' support group are invaluable.Nigel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many different areas but is also very understanding and compassionate. He understands female hormonal changes and how they affect our body, diet and training. Nigel has a lot of experience training women on fertility treatments and was able to adjust my program each round accordingly.I am now on my second training program with Nigel and couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Kathie AnnKathie Ann
05:08 27 Nov 23
I’ve been into fitness my entire life and am constantly keeping myself informed. But this program taught me so much about keeping fit and achieving results as an older female, particularly about nutrition! Especially in relation to some persistent injury and niggles. Nigel is great. And very patient when I’m being stubborn 😂Just signed up for second 12 week program.
11:31 28 Sep 23
Nigel has a wealth of knowledge and is so supportive and generous with his time. I don't feel like being based interstate has been a disadvantage at all. My waist circumference has decreased a lot. I'm seeing and feeling positive changes in my body. But best of all, my relationship with food has improved and I'm developing healthier habits that I can sustain long term.
Yvette SkinnerYvette Skinner
11:10 28 Sep 23
I highly recommend this program.You eat real food 3 times a day which is tasty and you feel amazing.The exercise programs are easy to follow and also has the correct way of doing the moves.Nigel is easy to get in contact with and answers your question quickly and professionally.You will be very happy and impressed with your results and how you feel.Honestly you will not be disappointed.
Zoe DunkleyZoe Dunkley
04:31 27 Sep 23
Nigel had been fantastic through the entire journey! Explaining all the options and giving skills and tips for life change rather than just a fad diet! The program is having amazing results and couldn't recommend higher! Great support from Nigel and the others in the programs!
Alix O'HaraAlix O'Hara
03:13 14 Sep 23
Within two minutes on the phone with Nigel, I knew I was speaking to the right person. The way he navigated my complex health challenges like a chess pro gave me faith that weight loss science is actually real, it just isn't offered to many people. I feel privileged to have discovered him and am looking forward to living the results he gets for his star clientele!
Lana McCarthyLana McCarthy
03:00 10 Apr 23
I am now on my second 12-week program with Nigel as I had great success from the first one. Nigel is incredibly knowledgeable, and tailored both my training & nutrition programs to meet my specific needs. He genuinely cares about you as a person, wants to see you reach (and exceed) your personal goals, & cares for how you are feeling both physically and mentally. The one-on-one contact I have with him is amazing even while living in different states. Working with Nigel has by far been the best experience I have had working with a coach & would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about working towards their personal performance goals.

Meet Nigel

Nigel is an industry leading health coach sought after by Hollywood Celebrities like Tessa Thompson from Thor, the cast of Real Housewives of Sydney, Luxe Listings, social media influencers, Billionaires, and high-profile business executives.

He has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Physiotherapy and has been a board-certified practicing clinician for over 12 years helping thousands of patients improve their body, fitness, and health. Nigel brings together this scientific background and years of industry experience to present this innovative fitness and health coaching platform, BODY by Body Clinic.

What’s included

12 weeks of access to the training app, members portal and private members support group.


Science backed workouts in a structured, simple to follow plan
Strength training workouts for a toned, lean body. At home or in the gym
Booty building and thigh toning workouts
Back shoulders and arms tightening workouts 
Complete toned midsection plan
Fat burning cardio 
HIIT cardio


No more Yo-yo dieting. Learn the power of tracking your food
Calorie and macro targets
Sample meal plans 
Hundreds of recipes 
The importance of protein and carb timing for fat loss
Change your eating habits and behaviours for good


Expert health coaching advice from me and my team
Learn the skill of habit change
How to eat to stay lean for life
Stress management for fat loss and health
Sleep improvement strategies for an optimal body


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